Just a very small guide on how to install minikube (https://minikube.sigs.k8s.io). For a more comprehensive one, look here -> https://minikube.sigs.k8s.io/docs/start/.

  1. download
 curl -Lo minikube https://storage.googleapis.com/minikube/releases/latest/minikube-linux-amd64
  1. make it executable
 chmod +x ./minikube
  1. add to bin directory
sudo mv ./minikube /usr/local/bin/
  1. set driver to docker, this is optional, try without it first, in my case (running WSL) docker was the best choice.
minikube config set driver docker
  1. start minikube
minikube start

That should be it, open the dashboard to view cluster state and more(will open in browser):

minkube dashboard